At Orion, we work every day with one goal in mind:

To help people live happier, more resilient lives by sharing the most practical and useful content in the philosophy space.

From ancient Greek philosophy to more modern practices in meditation and personal development, Orion Philosophy is your home for practical philosophy.

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Our Purpose:

It’s important to remind ourselves that the conditions of our mind are malleable and that we don’t see the world as it is; we see the world as it appears to us.

How the world appears depends on the conditions of our mind.

If we improve these conditions, we change our entire experience for the better.

Your mindset will color everything you do. It determines how you see the world, how you respond to it, and how you act within it.

Orion exists as a place where people can come to find ways to develop their foundations. In doing so, we can become happier, more responsible, more resilient, and less stressed.

We can optimize how we think to optimize how we live.


Tobias Weaver
Tobias Weaver - Author of orionphilosophy.com


Tobias has been studying philosophy for over ten years, with the overall aim of finding the most practical tools that we can all use in our day-to-day lives.

To that end, he has focused his time on Stoicism, Socratic philosophy, and wider ancient Greek philosophy.

Having graduated in the UK with a degree in mechanical engineering, he now applies the same logical approach to helping find systems of thought that can improve our wellbeing and combat stress.

He has created the Orion Philosophy YouTube channel with over 200k subscribers, the Orion Philosophy website, and the Pocket Philosopher Podcast.

His written work has been referenced in popular media, such as Fortune, The Washington Post and many others.

His favorite philosopher is Epictetus.

OUR Name:

In Greek mythology, Orion was the huntsman who was placed among the stars by the Greek god of thunder, Zeus.
That story of Orion inspired the name for this community. Although you and I can’t be made into a constellation by an ancient God, we can still rise and improve the conditions of our lives. It just requires responsibility, decision, and a path or framework.

At Orion, we explore the ideas of ancient and modern philosophy to draw out the most practical and usable ideas. Ideas that you can implement right now to live happier, calmer, and more resilient lives.

We value open and honest discussion, questioning without judgement, objective thinking, and the pursuit of great, practical philosophy to reduce suffering and increase happiness. Basically, we try to find better ways to live.

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