Philosophy COMMUNITY:

Whether you’re new to Stoic philosophy or a veteran, Orion is a place where people can come to find practical philosophy for everyday use.

Everything we share here is aimed at helping us create mental frameworks on which to build a stable and resilient personal philosophy that pulls us out of limiting and negative beliefs and into more positive and constructive ones.

If you want to learn more and stay up-to-date with everything that’s going on, join our growing community of people looking to apply Stoicism and other practical philosophy to their day-to-day lives.


We live in a world with a huge amount of complexity that’s always on the move.

It’s complexity can be overwhelming; it can cause stress, burnout, and confusion. These challenges of modern life can also be seen in the rise of mental health issues.

However, there are tools that exist to help us stay resilient to these struggles. The way we see the world is dictated by our beliefs, values, and experiences. If we change how we look at things, we can change how we live for the better.

Orion exists to share practical Stoicism and philosophy as an antidote. A resource that can optimise how we think, and, as a result, improve how we live.