The conditions of our mind will define the quality of our life.

A mind of limiting beliefs and destructive perspective will create a life of suffering and hardship for its host. In contrast, a mind of opportunity, potential, optimism, resilience, and understanding will create a life of stability, enjoyment and competence.

It’s true that we are not always responsible for the things that happen to us or around us, but we are responsible for the way in which we process these things, the beliefs we hold, the values we have, and the perceptions through which we view the world around us, ourselves, and other people.

Orion’s Foundation is a collection of principles based on Stoic philosophy and other areas of thought. It serves as the groundwork on which to build a stable and resilient personal philosophy that pull us out of limiting and negative beliefs, and into more positive and constructive ones.

The conditions of our mind will define the quality of our life.

Foundation: Introduction & Philosophy
INTRODUCTION: I imagine you’re here for many of the same reasons that I began looking...
Foundation 1: Control
Stoic Philosophy: Over the last few thousand years, philosophy has grown into a massive...
Foundation 2: Expectation
I’ll put it bluntly; your expectations are making you unhappy. Your relationship...
Foundation 3: Acceptance
“Truth is not what you want it to be; it is what it is, and you must bend to its...
Foundation 4: Compassion
Compassion Compassion comes from the Latin word “compati,” which means...
Foundation 5: Gratitude
Gratitude is one of those concepts that’s spoken about a lot but rarely implemented. Calling...
Foundation 6: Absolute Responsibility
Responsibility is unique among the 6 principles we’ve covered. It’s unique because,...