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How To Meditate - The Perfect Beginners Guide
Meditation….where to begin? Meditation can be a confusing practice to start. What...
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What is Meditaion?

When we think of mediation, we often think of yogis, spirituality, crystals, and other practices that can seem a little alien to us.

In reality, meditation is simply the practice of shifting our focus onto something in a deliberate way.

We can meditate on how to approach a difficult subject with a family member, on how best to tackle an upcoming presentation at work, on why we feel angry when we see people doing specific things, on the breath, on death, on the body, etc.

The practice of meditation and deliberately focusing our attention on specific things in our lives can be powerful tools to help us understand ourselves, the world around us, other people, and how to tackle the different challenges we face day-to-day.